3 Touchscreen Interactive Display Options

Your next meeting could be as easy walking into the conference room, push a few icons on the wall mounted display and presto your video conference has started.

There is no wondering where the remote is, or how it works to fire up the legacy video conferencing room system, it’s just all waiting for you on screen.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience for your conference room, then you may want to consider these 3 wall mounted touchscreen displays:


Newline TruTouch X Series

The Newline Trutouch X series consists of three models, X5 (50″), X7 (70″), and X9 (86″). It has a built-in computer which can be used for storing files locally.

The interactive touchscreen comes with two 1080p built in HD wide-angle cameras situated in the top center and bottom center of the display. It has two echo canceling microphones and two 15W speakers for creating clear communication with remote attendees.

It truly is an all-in-one solution, especially if you’re looking into video and audio peripherals for your room as well.  For more specifics on the Newline TruTouch X Series, check out their product document here.

DisplayTen Meeting Solution

DisplayTen offers a highly responsive interactive display for huddle rooms. It comes in three sizes, 55″, 70″ & 84″. It has a built-in powerful computer system based on Android as well.

The USB presenters dongle makes for a really simple user experience to share and collaborate with others in your room. The DisplayTen has all of the necessary HDMI & USB inputs to connect your video & audio devices.  It supports many video conferencing platforms including Zoom.  Learn more about the specs here for DisplayTen technology.

Optika Interactive Display

The Optika Interactive display uses flat frog technology. It comes in 3 sizes of 55″/65″/85″ 4K resolution displays. It supports up to 40 touches in comparison to 10 touch points with the solutions mentioned above.

It has the ability to support upto 2MM tips for precision writing or drawing. The Optika display has a built-in computer system as well, with support for video conferencing and Zoom meetings.  Learn more about the specs for Optika’s Interactive Display here.

In Summary

These three interactive displays are unique in themselves.  The Newline TruTouch is a great display option to consider for your meeting rooms, especially where you might also require built-in audio and video.  The DisplayTen offers an interactive display with a very user-friendly dongle making collaboration with others in the room very user friendly .  The Optika Interactive Display is the ideal option if you’re looking for a solution with the highest touch points and ability to control precision writing.






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