The real business benefit of video conferencing is Better Communication

There is really only one benefit for why you should be using video conferencing every day in your business. The impact of this single benefit is quite often overlooked by the discerning executive. However, it can transform a business overnight it is so powerful.

It simply is…better communication! Yes, that’s all it takes to justify why using video conferencing for your business meetings can stack the results in your favor.

Let’s face it were lost in a sea of attention grabbing shiny things online. We rely on means of communication which are empty and with no prospect of building meaningful relationships with our audience.

If you’re smart enough to turn off your device while away from work, then yes your coping, however, what does your morning look like? Maybe 2 – 3 hours to follow-up on those emails waiting for you in the morning? That’s alright we’ll deal with it then!

Is email not designed to be an alert system, sending you a notice of something, or sharing a document, etc. However, we seem to have these long winded conversations that can go on and on, all while not entirely sure if the messages have been mis-construed, or taken out of context.

The problem lies with…

Our communication consists largely of body language and we have left this on the table for the last 20 years. The fault here lies squarely with how fast video conferencing technology has evolved. It’s been slow. Now that it’s here and readily available, many habits have formed and they become hard to break.

This is not an email problem. The email was always supposed to serve a purpose but picked up where technology was slow.

The concern for using only 7% of your communication skills

Visual text-based communication accounts for this modest percentage which relates to the words exchanged. Sorry, there is no factor or percentage given to using emojees or exclamation marks!

This is it, only 7% is what we’re using to dialog with colleagues, partners, & god forbid our customers. This is scary and tiring. Just think how much more harder you have to work to get your message delivered. A chain of emails that took hours to construct could be delt with in one face to face meeting.

The good part is the majority of business are still using email as the main communication tool and opting to leave meetings for an as necessary basis. This presents an opportunity to separate your business & brand from the pack. Here’s how it’s done:

Face to Face is better communication

With up to 93% of communication being visual and tone meeting in person or over video conference will have a huge impact on how effective you operate. If you need to explain something, then meeting face to face is going to be way more productive then trying to convey that point over text or email.

Your productivity will sky rocket as you will be more clear in your communication and spend less time explaining yourself. Who’s not interested in saving more time?

Use video conferencing for efficient meetings

If it’s really important then yes using a meeting room to discuss in person face to face makes the most sense hands down. However, if it happens to be an “update meeting”, which accounts for the most common meeting types, then use video conferencing to connect and share.

Here are 4 benefits to consider when scheduling a video conference meeting:

  1. It’s easier for participants to join and therefore expected to start on time
  2. The meeting can be recorded so no requirement to take notes
  3. Shorter meeting times, as participants tend to be more direct
  4. More time for team members to focus on the task afterward and less time “sending updates”

Better Communication Summary

So the real benefit to using video conferencing in business goes beyond just better communication, however, focusing on improving your business communication will in turn pay dividends helping you save more time, be more productive, and build stronger relationships.

Remember when introducing video conferencing into your business, keep it simple and make it really easy for employees or your customers to meet with you. They should be able to just click on a link and presto your meeting face to face. Otherwise, the technology starts to get in the way, and god forbid you will end up on a phone conference call instead!

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